The Global Coffex Forum and the Coffex Summit will be at the forefront, with industry-leading
industry speakers discussing the latest trends, market information and developments. In this
new B2B conference, some international industry executives will participate in a live discussion
on coffee sales, coffee quality and innovation.
The topics are prepared by the International Coffee Organization and the market leaders of the
leading brands of our country.
Some topics will be covered by the UN spokesman about the EcoSystem effects on certain
products Within the scope of Fresh Water project, besides the use of good and fresh water in coffee
making, social responsibility projects of companies will be introduced.
There will be some topics and speakers on the basis of coffe export countries
Coffee Market Report announcements and International Coffee Organization speakers will take
place. GCF will take place in COFFEX ISTANBUL with 15 international speakers and 20 speakers from
our country.
Hemen Biletini Al!